Application Development
Enkode has been providing complete computer software solutions for business since 1984; we offer custom programming using Microsoft technologies such as .NET and Sql Server, interactive web sites, web site hosting, vertical market packages, integration of software systems.

Whether your requirements are interim or long term , Enkode brings knowledge and experience to your organization:
  • Custom Software Development
  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Business Analysis and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Website Development
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Application Development and Administration
  • Software Installation and Training
If you have the full product specification or only the business idea, we can turn your project concept into reality. We will analyze your project in order to define goals and plan a detailed roadmap to reach those goals.

Then we develop it.

Services and Industries:

Enkode implements real technology solutions for your business. With services ranging from Architecture and Design Consulting to Database Development and Business Intelligence Solutions, Enkode works along your side to reduce costs, improve processes, and take advantage of new business every step of the way.

Based upon years of experience working closely with Microsoft and IBM, our software development services utilize the best available technologies for your business and are founded on a proven method for delivering functional, value-adding software - faster.

With experience across a range of industries, Enkode specializes in understanding your business and delivering a first-class solution tailored to your needs.
  • Collection management
  • Association membership tracking
  • Web content presentation management
  • Fraternal membership systems
  • Trade show management
  • Credit Union software and consulting
  • Loan processing
  • Microsoft Back Office integration
  • Time-billing
  • Sales, purchase and product management
  • Financial management
  • Marketing and contact management
  • Function & event management
  • Order and tracking systems
  • Online catalogues
  • Shopping carts and e-Commerce systems
  • Import/Export functions
  • Integration with third party software products

Using the right technology is imperative to ensure your solution continues to deliver advantages into the future.

Focusing on Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET technologies, in addition to the IBM iSeries/400 line of midrange computers, allows us to attain the level of expertise required to build the best possible solutions for its clients. For those clients still using Visual Studio technologies (such as Visual Basic 6), we offer a decade of experience working with VB and related complimentary software.

For IBM iSeries/400 users, we have over 20 years experience in IBM midrange solutions and integration of the iSeries/400 into a Microsoft Windows environment.  We have built many solutions using iSeries/400 as the database and products like Visual Basic to build front end graphic solutions that overcome the limitations of traditional IBM green-screen presentation and tap the powerful functionality of the client-server environment.


Whether it is a Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET and SQL Server or an IBM iSeries/400 environment, we offer a unique combination of technical knowledge and real-life application expertise that enables us create business solutions that will deliver the greatest possible return on the customer's investment.


The most important step in software development is an analysis of the business needs. This analysis is crucial for determining the most appropriate architecture for developing the software.

We sit down with the customer and make sure we establish both the short-term and long-term goals of the software. We examine how these needs are currently being met and how the software will make them more efficient and/or provide better customer service. We appraise the current information systems infrastructure to determine how this software fits into it.


After analyzing the business needs we write a comprehensive project plan. This will outline a step by step process of the work effort to be done. We include time lines with key project deadlines for backend databases, business objects, front-end interfaces, debugging, user testing, help files, installation, and training.

We partner with the customer for distribution of the project tasks. We can oversee the entire project from conception through training. We can act as the project manager utilizing the customer’s personnel. We can share the work load with the client dividing tasks between us.


The last step in software development is the actual programming of the application. We specialize in Microsoft .NET (C# and VB.NET) and SQL Server or MySQL. We build n-tier applications utilizing database and application servers.

Back-end Databases — Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.

Business Objects — Microsoft .NET C# and VB.NET.

Front-end Interfaces — Microsoft .NET Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Microsoft Windows Mobile/CE, Microsoft Office automation, and other 3rd Party products from companies such as Telerik and Component Art.

Reports — Microsoft Reporting Services, ASP.NET HTML reports, Crystal Reports along with merge capabilities with Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.
Enkode is a partner of Sitefinity, the award winning ASP.NET web content management system from Telerik.

Engineered for extensibility and customization, Sitefinity can help you deliver compelling web applications in a much shorter time than you would ever expect.
Enkode has integrated AccPac as the backend processing solution for web based shopping carts across many industries and clients.

Sage AccPac is a financial management solution that helps you confidently streamline time-consuming accounting processes.
Enkode has chosen Netriplex as our web hosting partner offering unsurpassed support, connectivity, reliability and redundancy to our clients.

Netriplex is a privately held leading provider of mission critical datacenter solutions headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina.