Consulting Services
Our consulting services can offer any and all of the following:

Business Ethics Guarantee:

We will sign NDA's for your protection including:
  • Company Non-Disclose Agreement (NDA)
  • Company Non-Competition Agreement (NCA)
  • Employer Non-Disclose Agreement
  • Property rights
Project Definition - Budget Requirements:
  • Business Requirements
  • Draft a Work Order
Business Requirements Definition:
  • Warranty Period Requirements Definition
  • Timeframes Definition
  • Budget Definition
  • Business Model Definition
Software Requirements Definition:
  • Functional Requirements Definition
  • Documentation Requirements Definition
  • Performance Requirements Definition
  • Security Requirements Definition
  • Interface Requirements Definition
  • Portability Requirements Definition
  • Operational Requirements Definition
  • Quality Requirements Definition
  • Resource Requirements Definition
  • Reliability Requirements Definition
  • Verification Requirements Definition
  • Maintainability Requirements Definition
  • Acceptance
  • Testing Requirements Definition
  • Safety Requirements Definition
Software Requirements Specification Project Analysis:
  • Draft Technical Proposal Platforms & Technologies Choice
  • Third-Party Service Integration Analysis
  • Third-Party Solutions Integration Analysis
  • System Architecting
  • Develop Draft Technical Proposal
  • Project Proposal
Project Proposal Define main Terms of Service:
  • Development, Management and Testing Teams planning
  • Time & Cost Estimation
  • Timetable Design
  • Define Milestones, Checkpoints and Deadlines
  • Project Proposal
  • Project Documentation
  • Software Design
  • Database Design
  • Product Prototype
  • Beta version Proven Model
  • Weekly Email Reports
  • Regular Online Conferences
  • Checkpoints Acceptance (intermediate results)
  • Project Progress Report
Multi-Level approving by:
  • Developers, Project Manager, Customer
  • Online Project Issues Tracking
  • Demonstration of Beta version
  • Non-restricted tweaking opportunity
Quality Assurance:
  • Final version Test Plan Development
  • Usability Testing
  • Functional Testing & Debugging
  • Third-Party Services Integration Testing
  • Performance & Stress Testing
  • Delivery
Project Acceptance Delivery:
  • Application Delivery
  • User Documentation Delivery
  • Deployment
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Software Source Code Delivery
  • Graphics Source Files Delivery
  • Technical Documentation Delivery
  • User Training
Project Acceptance:
  • Post deployment support
  • Warranty Free bug fixing
  • Free customer support
Customer support:
  • Consultation
  • Emergency help
  • Further Product Improvements and Suggestions
End-User Support:
  • Email Support
  • Hotline Phone Support
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Engineered for extensibility and customization, Sitefinity can help you deliver compelling web applications in a much shorter time than you would ever expect.
Enkode has integrated AccPac as the backend processing solution for web based shopping carts across many industries and clients.

Sage AccPac is a financial management solution that helps you confidently streamline time-consuming accounting processes.
Enkode has chosen Netriplex as our web hosting partner offering unsurpassed support, connectivity, reliability and redundancy to our clients.

Netriplex is a privately held leading provider of mission critical datacenter solutions headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina.